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Conversational commerce is a new-age marketing strategy that enables businesses to proactively communicate with potential buyers and help them make informed purchase decisions over common messaging apps like WhatsApp, live chat, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Learn more about it here.

Traditional marketing is focused on using broadcasts and ad campaigns to reach a mass audience, pushing products, offers and deals to them. On the other hand, conversational marketing in ecommerce is focused on understanding the needs and preferences of a buyer and then recommending products that hold the most value for them.

Consumers see an average of 5000 ads per day on search and social media. Broadcast campaigns tend to be forgotten easily, but conversations that add value to the buyers, create a lasting impression. This helps you drive 13% higher conversions from your campaigns and 2X your customer retention rate.

Conversational marketing is enabled by connecting ad platforms like Facebook and Instagram to messaging channels like Messenger and WhatsApp. You can then run Click-to-Messenger and Click-to-WhatsApp ad campaigns to get potential customers to interact with you on chat, using the opportunity to educate them about the product, understand their needs or even send personalised product recommendations. Conversational display ads can also be run on google through Adlingo.

To set up conversational marketing and commerce, you need a powerful solution that enables you to to set up automations and chatbots on the messaging platforms. LimeChat can help you automate customer interactions on Live Chat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger to drive sales from conversations. You can book a demo here.

Level-3 AI chatbots are able to remember user preferences, past interactions and conversations. This enables them to derive context from the past to have meaningful conversations in the present and future, enabling human-like interaction. Traditional chatbots are only able to leverage the automated answers you set up based on workflows, making the interaction extremely monotonous. Learn more about it here.

Conversational commerce is known to drive 23% higher conversion rates. But personalising conversations at scale can be a challenge for growing businesses; this is where Level-3 AI comes in. With the help of Level-3 AI, you can have 2X more conversations on a day-to-day basis, leading to much higher conversion rates and sales.

With an app like LimeChat, setting up custom workflows for your Level-3 AI chatbots takes less than a week. We equip you with an easy-to-user interface as well as customer support to help you get started faster.

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